What is Counselling

Counselling is the support given in private to deal with personal difficulties and is often known these days as a "talking therapy". Counselling aims to give an individual the opportunity as well as the time and the space to discuss issues which are negatively impacting on their life. The idea is to enable an individual to reach choices and decisions of their own in order to cope with their issues/difficulties.

All humans feel angry, depressed or sad at different times in their lives and this is perfectly normal. However we all differ greatly in our abilities to cope with the pressures and stresses life throws at us. It may be helpful to seek professional support when problems persist, ignoring our problems can not only affect our abilities to enjoy life but ultimately may go on to damage our health.

It is human nature to want to discuss our problems with someone but it may be difficult to find the right person to listen to us. Sometimes people have issues that they feel they cannot or do not want to discuss with family or friends. This may be because the issues involve them or simply because their advice may not be that helpful and they do not necessarily know what the right help is to offer in a specific scenario.

The decision to seek professional help should not be an embarrassing one and certainly does not indicate failure of the individual. Many people find that attending some form of professional counselling enables them to go on to make a success of their lives. Counselling is a confidential and non-judge mental interaction with a qualified therapist. Although a counsellor will not offer solutions or advice they are trained to listen and offer support using their experience and specialized knowledge to help an individual reach their own decisions and solve their difficulties.

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