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You can add your business / Counselling service to our website directory for either £5 a month or for free.

Premium Listing

A premium listing will put your listing at the right eye level for people visiting our site. By signing up for a premium listing you get the following advantages:

Your listing will appear randomly on the home page.

You will appear above all over listings for your City Page

You will appear above all listings in the 'General Counsellors' area for your city.

You will appear on all other listings for your City (i.e if you are based in London your listing will be shown on all London listings in the directory)

Your Website address will be clickable.

The cost is £5 / Month - This £5 will be taken directly from your funds via PayPal and you are responsible for cancelling this subscription. If the listing fails you will it will automatically try again 3 days later, if this fails the subscription will be cancelled and the premium status removed.

Free Listing

The free listing will add your listing to the City list in alphabetical order.

If you want to display your website address (this is not a clickable link for a free listing) you must provide a linkback from your own website.

If you already have a listing and would like to upgrade to a Premium listing simply broswe to your listing and located the link called 'Upgrade Listing' on the left side menu under the heading 'Listing Options'. From this point you will be able to check the information, add / remove information and then submit the listing and signup to the subscription via PayPal.